Not to be confused with prog-power group BEYOND THE THRESHOLD, this act is actually well worth checking out. Even though you might not necessarily care for the down-tuned riffs and SLIPKNOT style vocal approaches on some of the tracks like “Everchanging” you will also thrashers like opener “Blood Thirst” and “Never Again.” Not only that, this band can actually produce some good solos and plays with core a little, which evolves the sound in my opinion. The production of the disc is slightly raw, but it’s good that a modern Nu-Metal album didn’t get stuck with over production. At any rate, this disc is extremely catchy and whether or not you like bands like DOPE, PRIMER 55, HED PE, MUSHROOMHEAD,MOTOGRATER, SKINDRED, 36 CRAZYFISTS, you might just find something on this disc to like. Of course, don’t expect anything super-intricate or technical, but there is some definite song structure on this one and it’s much better than anything KORN’s put out in a while (especially that dub-step disaster.) I cut my teeth on this kind of music, and remember how I used to listen to the first two Slipknot albums (Slipknot and Iowa) religiously. This is the stuff I grew up on and old habits die hard. Thankfully, this band preserves the nature of Metal in it’s most extreme form, and adds much more meat to the package than bands of the past.
The only track that I didn’t care for on this album was the alternative rock ballad “Stuck Inside” which killed the aggression just a little. If you also remember those Metal days, this band will bring them right back to you, like a high-school flavored boomerang with memories that you’d sooner forget. Just know that in the end, you’re getting a solid mix of Metal and core. At any rate, it’s better than anything that most of the popular hard rock and Metal bands have put out recently. (Eric May) – Hails & Horns Magazine