New ZOMBIE DEATH STENCH album “INFECTED” available now!!



The brand-new album “INFECTED” from horror metal masters ZOMBIE DEATH STENCH is now available at the Turkey Vulture Records store and available at digital stores worldwide including CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and all the rest!!  Available on CD and digital at the Turkey Vulture Records store!!  Click here to order!!



PATCHWORK’s amazing new album “EXIT WOUNDS” is now available at our store as well as iTunes, Spotify, and all your favorite download and streaming sites!!  This awesome new production takes you on a journey through the trials and tribulations of life!!  Patchwork delivers a powerful punch to the face with their original style of thrash which mixes old-school with just the right amount of new-school flavor!!  Definitely get yourself a copy of this soon to be thrash-metal classic!!




Turkey Vulture Records is proud to announce the release of “WHERE THE WOLVES REST” from SOMEDAY I COULD KILL!!!  This full-length masterpiece will wet the palate of listeners of metal and punk everywhere!!!  The new release is available in our store and at digital and streaming sites everywhere!!!  Definitely get your copy of Someday I Could Kill’s “Where the Wolves Rest” today!!!

New RECKLESS REDEMPTION “ORIGIN OF DESTRUCTION” available now from Turkey Vulture Records!!! Worldwide release coming soon!!!



Get the brand new RECKLESS REDEMPTION “ORIGIN OF DESTRUCTION” album from our online store at this location!!!  We are so excited for this new release!!!  It sounds amazing!!!  Get your copy today!!!


drill187fromtheashesofmanreleaseadTURKEY VULTURE RECORDS brings you the hot new EP “FROM THE ASHES OF MAN” from DRILL 187!!!  This powerful production packs heavy punch mixing elements of hard rock and metal for a tasty delight that will leave you wanting more!!!  You can purchase this new EP directly from the T.V.R. Store or at your favorite digital outlets everywhere!!!  Get your copy today!!!


Raleigh Metal Band “DRILL 187” Sign With TURKEY VULTURE RECORDS, Set To Release New EP Album!!

DRILL group shot

Drill 187, the Raleigh based metal band, has signed with indie label Turkey Vulture Records and is set to release their new album “From The Ashes of Man” locally on May 9th, 2014, with international digital release to be announced soon. This will be the band’s first release on their new record label and will be distributed digitally worldwide through Turkey Vulture Records/Bungalo Records/Universal Music Group Distribution/Caroline. The band’s previous record “The Faceless Majority” was released independently through distributor Southwest Wholesale Distribution on Sept. 3rd, 2002 and went on to sell almost 5000 copies.

Fast-forward to 2012, which saw the members of Drill 187 join forces again to begin working on new material. Welcoming back former drummer Bobby Stansbury and adding new guitarist Carlos Ameri along with original members Jason Lilley (vocals), Matt Frederick (bass) and Ron Dalgo (guitar), the band began writing relentlessly. Combining the new blood with the writing prowess of the original members helped bring a renewed passion and energy to the album. Though “Faceless” received tons of rave reviews, “From The Ashes of Man” is clearly a progressive step forward for the band in songwriting and aggression. The new album was recorded at Schaefer Sound Productions in Raleigh, NC. from February 2013 to June 2013 and was produced by members Jason Lilley and Ron Dalgo, engineered/co-produced by Thomas Clark, and mixed/mastered by Jamie King. A number of special guest performances also highlight the new record including guitar and vocal performances by former Drill guitarist/writer Jason Ussery and percussion performances by Reed Mullin of Corrosion of Conformity on “Rise”.

With renewed ambition, writing strong new music and the same meticulous DIY work ethic that took them to the top before, DRILL 187 is once again a band on the rise and coming soon to a stage near you!!

“From The Ashes of Man” Track Listing:
1. More Than Man
2. Crush
3. Crucified
4. Hate Smiles
5. Wake
6. Rise

Drill 187 “From The Ashes of Man” will be available at shows and on the Turkey Vulture Records website on May 9th, 2014.

New Release 3FOLD PAIN “3FOLD PAIN” Available Now!!! (Turkey Vulture Records/Bungalo Records/Universal Music Group Distribution)


3FOLD PAIN have done it again with their new self-titled album “3FOLD PAIN” which delivers an amazing production and is a soon to be favorite for fans of metal, rock, and alternative!!  These guys are becoming a big hit in Greece and the world abroad!!!  This album is definitely a must have for the most demanding listener of fine music!!  The album is available at your favorite music download sites and through Turkey Vulture Records directly!!!  Get your copy today!!!




Turkey Vulture Records has just inked a deal with Zombie Death Stench. The new album “The Coming Bloodbath” is some of the band’s best work to date and will be available at online stores everywhere worldwide. The album is also available directly at www.turkeyvulturerecords.com via digital download or hard copy.

Zombie Death Stench doesn’t fit into any one specific genre of metal, instead playing what others like to call “horror metal.” Formed by Jason Rossetti on lead guitar and Sean Walusko on rhythm guitar and vocals, they soon got long time friend Matt Howe to join on bass and vocals and found drummer Mark Burkett to complete their ghastly line up.

The band creates music that emulates a “zombie apocalypse” through their inspiration of all things horror. Mixed within and between their aural assaults are cold analog keyboard sounds that are evocative of Horror and Sci-Fi films of the late 70’s and 80’s. Their music is cold, dark and violent with an emphasis on being infectiously groovy. No matter what genre of metal you’re into, Zombie Death Stench has something for everyone.

Watch for the band on tour in support of the new album “The Coming Bloodbath” and for the album to be available worldwide in February 2013.




Not to be confused with prog-power group BEYOND THE THRESHOLD, this act is actually well worth checking out. Even though you might not necessarily care for the down-tuned riffs and SLIPKNOT style vocal approaches on some of the tracks like “Everchanging” you will also thrashers like opener “Blood Thirst” and “Never Again.” Not only that, this band can actually produce some good solos and plays with core a little, which evolves the sound in my opinion. The production of the disc is slightly raw, but it’s good that a modern Nu-Metal album didn’t get stuck with over production. At any rate, this disc is extremely catchy and whether or not you like bands like DOPE, PRIMER 55, HED PE, MUSHROOMHEAD,MOTOGRATER, SKINDRED, 36 CRAZYFISTS, you might just find something on this disc to like. Of course, don’t expect anything super-intricate or technical, but there is some definite song structure on this one and it’s much better than anything KORN’s put out in a while (especially that dub-step disaster.) I cut my teeth on this kind of music, and remember how I used to listen to the first two Slipknot albums (Slipknot and Iowa) religiously. This is the stuff I grew up on and old habits die hard. Thankfully, this band preserves the nature of Metal in it’s most extreme form, and adds much more meat to the package than bands of the past.
The only track that I didn’t care for on this album was the alternative rock ballad “Stuck Inside” which killed the aggression just a little. If you also remember those Metal days, this band will bring them right back to you, like a high-school flavored boomerang with memories that you’d sooner forget. Just know that in the end, you’re getting a solid mix of Metal and core. At any rate, it’s better than anything that most of the popular hard rock and Metal bands have put out recently. (Eric May) – Hails & Horns Magazine

3 QUARTERS DEAD Interview in Rock Revolt Magazine!!! (Turkey Vulture Records/Bungalo Records/Universal Music Group Distribution)

3QD #1
Feature interview with Mark Alexander of 3 Quarters Dead, discussing the band’s new album ‘The Cycle of Dust’ that just came out with Turkey Vultures Records, the new videos, and exciting future plans!!!


Website: http://www.turkeyvulturerecords.com
12/22/2012 – Turkey Vulture Records would like to welcome 3FOLD PAIN to our roster!!! 3Fold Pain has developed an amazing sound and production on their self-titled album putting Greece on the map for hard-rock music. Their polished sound on their latest self-titled release has landed them a deal with Turkey Vulture Records, which will be out in early 2013 and available worldwide through Turkey Vulture Records/Bungalo Records/Universal Music Group Distribution. All parties involved are looking forward in working together.

The band was formed in January of 2010 with an intention to play innovative music and to challenge the mind and the senses. 3Fold Pain is a 4 piece comprised of very experienced musicians with uniquely different backgrounds yet still sharing the same goal: to create a professional alternative/metal/rock music act always ready to perform and deliver as much energy as possible.

Through their short period of existence 3Fold Pain has performed in several venues and open-air festivals throughout Greece and have gained valuable stage experience and a rapidly growing fan base. In June of 2010, 3Fold Pain released their self-financed debut EP “Don’t Trust Them”. After having sold out of their first pressing and having received excellent reviews and feedback, the band decided to start recording new material.

3Fold Pain finished the recordings and the mixes of their first full length album which was released in September of 2011 in a limited number of copies along with an official video clip for the song “Don’t Trust Them” included in the album. In addition a 7” vinyl was released in March of 2011 including 2 songs from their EP. The song “Don’t Trust Them” was selected to be part of a CD compilation by GoDIY Records for European Bands distributed in the US. Their song “Will Be The End” participated in an alternative metal compilation distributed in Russia “Musical Critic compilation” vol. 3. Their song “Into Your Depths” was selected to be included in a metal compilation by Wolfhound Metal Radio. Their song “Don’t Trust Them” was selected was the featured song for the e-magazine Tattooist Art in their August 2010 issue. The band participated and won the “Discover” competition of the College Underground station for the month of September and as a result have gained one month of extensive airplay.

Watch for 3Fold Pain’s newest self-titled album in stores everywhere and to be followed by a tour in support of the latest release.





Website: http://www.turkeyvulturerecords.com
Music: http://www.turkeyvulturerecords.com/core_live_forever.mp3

Turkey Vulture Records would like to announce the signing of the rising South Dakota rock band CORE. Both parties are excited in this venture and are very excited in working together. Core will be entering T.V.R. Recording Studios with Turkey Vulture Records label owner and producer Jason Z. for the yet to be titled album which will begin in early 2013 and set for release and distribution through Turkey Vulture Records/Bungalo Records/Universal Music Group Distribution. Jason Z. states “It’s been a roller coaster of emotions throughout the negotiations and signing of this deal due to some line-up changes, but everything is very solid now and we are looking very forward to getting into the studio to begin tracking the new record!!”

CORE is not your average hard rock band. Hailing from South Dakota they are sure to be the next big thing to come out of the Midwest. For fans of Staind, Sevendust and Papa Roach, CORE approach songwriting honestly and are dedicated passionate musicians. This powerhouse quartet provides a tight rhythm section that produces a brutal sound that is balanced by tender yet powerful vocal harmonies reminiscent of Layne Staley. Equal parts heavy riffs and delicate acoustics; CORE’s music is emotionally charged and unique. The band has shared the stage with countless national acts such as SHINEDOWN, SEVENDUST, and BUCKCHERRY just to name a few.

CORE has a devoted and solid national following. The band has performed at numerous shows in support of their highly successful sophomore CD “St. Judas Day Parade” released in July 2010. The singles “Dig”, “Live Forever”, and “You’re So Fake” have received major airplay through out the Midwest U.S. on active rock and college radio stations. CORE’s debut album “We All Fall Down” earned the band rave reviews from TAXI & cdreview.com, citing the songs “Eisoptrophobia”, “Confession”, and “Calling John Coffey” as favorites.

Watch for great things to come from CORE in the near future!!!